Flights Under $50: Take Advantage Of This 3 Day Flash Sale From Southwest Airlines

After a major computer glitch last Sunday that caused hundreds of delayed flights and angry customers, Southwest Airlines is trying to make up for their mistake by offering discounted flights. If you’re looking for book a family trip or quick getaway, be sure to check this out! I found some for as cheap as $41.00 each way. So what’s the deal, and what’s the catch? Here’s what Southwest states on their website:

  • If you plan to travel within the continental US between December 2nd through December 16th, 2015 or January 5th through February 10th, 2016, check Southwest right now for cheaper flights.
  • If you plan to fly to/from Puerto Rico, you’ll need to book travel between December 2nd-10th and January 19th-February 10th to take advantage of these discounted flights.

To be eligible, flights must be booked by Thursday, October 15th, 2016. The deal also excludes travel on Fridays and Sundays (boohoo).

Southwest doesn’t fly in and out of every airport (like Cincinnati, OH), so be advised you may have to drive a bit to get the deal. I did a few searches myself and found many trips in/out of Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles have some pretty reasonably priced flights. Here’s a few results from my searches:

  • Los Angeles to Vegas: $41 each way
  • Atlanta to Philadelphia: $41 each way
  • Charleston, SC to Baltimore: $73 each way
  • Nashville to Chicago: $73 each way
  • Baltimore to Atlanta: $89 each way
  • Cleveland to Denver: $99 each way
  • Los Angeles to Chicago: $109 each way
  • Chicago to Las Vegas for $140 each way


Photo by Blue Pylons