Take A First Look At LEGO’s New Super Hero Girls Collection

Just in time for us to add them to our holiday wish lists, LEGO has released an awesome new “Super Hero Girls” collection featuring some favorite female superheroes (and supervillains).

DC Comics’ female superheroes have been reimagined as Super Hero High students. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Harley Quinn and others are featured in a new Super Hero High app, and each one comes with her own storyline and, of course, set of superpowers.

According to TIME, LEGO will be releasing its first Super Hero High sets, complete with mini-figures, in time for Cyber Monday on Nov. 27. The first three releases will be Batgirl and her Batjet, Harley Quinn and Super Hero High School. The second set of Super Hero Girls LEGO sets will be available starting in January of 2017.

While you wait for the new LEGO collections to be released, check out DC Comics’ Super Hero Girls website to read about each character. The site also showcases the books, action figures and dolls and Super Hero Girls apparel tied to each superhero.

Perhaps what we love best about this collection is the positive message it sends: Don’t forget—girls are superheroes, too.