Tamagotchi Toys Are Coming Back And You Can Preorder Them Right Now


When we first wrote about the return of the Tamagotchi in April, we were disappointed to report that they were only available on Amazon in Japan. But now, we have good news: If you’ve been waiting patiently for the beloved ’90s toy to return to the U.S., today is your lucky day.

While you can’t actually get your hands on one until Nov. 5, you can preorder a brand-new Tamagotchi right now on Amazon. The blue and pink edition will run you $15.52 and has free shipping with Prime, while blue, orange, pink, white or yellow ones cost $19.99.

The new Tamagotchis are about half the size of the originals, according to Mashable. We’re guessing they die just as easily—but more on that in a minute.


Now calling itself “the original virtual reality pet,” a Tamagotchi is an egg-shaped “pocket pet,” if you will, on a keychain. The story behind the virtual pets, according to this 1997 article from the Chicago Tribune, is that Tamagotchis are aliens who hatched on planet Earth and need to be well-cared for before they can return to their home planet. Owners needed to make sure their Tamagotchis ate, slept and generally stayed alive.

tamagotchi photo
Flickr | Pascal Maramis

However, it was more complicated than it seems and actually offered quite a life lesson for kids. If you didn’t take care of your pet, even a digital pet, it will die! I won’t lie, some tears were shed at my parent’s house over failed Tamagotchi-raising.

Tamagotchi photo
Flickr | MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito)

The relaunch of Tamagotchis comes as the toy celebrates its twentieth anniversary. They were arguably one of the biggest toy fads of the mid- to late-’90s and while they were originally designed for children eight years old or older, the new Tamagotchis look perfect for kids and anyone wanting to travel back to their childhood.

You may want to get your kids up to speed on the Tamagatchi craze, though! Based on this reaction video, some of today’s younger generation don’t exactly know how to deal with the little electronic critter!

We’re not sure what was more funny?

The girl who exclaims “The Tamagotchi is so…pixelated!” in total disgust and horror or the even littler girl who is way too excited about keeping the pet in line:

“Discipline! Like, eat child!”

Watch out little Tamagotchi! These pretend parents are not playing around!

Tamagotchi photo
Flickr | Joi

Since its release in Japan in 1996 and in 1997 in the U.S. and Europe, the Tamagotchi never really left—it’s been a fashion accessory and you can even get one on your Apple watch. But these “new” models are true re-releases of the originals.

And, fans are psyched to see these digital pets make their glorious return!


If you’re longing for true nostalgia, though, you can find some original models from the 1990s on Amazon. But be prepared to pay—some are selling for as much as $130. Claiming your lost childhood ain’t cheap!


While the Tamagotchi hasn’t made Amazon’s list of the top 100 toys for 2017 just yet, don’t be surprised if it does soon. Preorder now to guarantee you’ll have one by the holidays!

Happy birthday little electronic pet! You’ll always be our cute, tiny baby!


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