Tamron Hall Welcomes Her First Child, A Baby Boy

Congratulations to former “Today” host Tamron Hall! She’s a new mom — at age 48.

Hall announced the birth of her first child, a boy named Moses, in an Instagram post Thursday. The TV celebrity looks radiant in the photo, dressed in a white print and wearing a flower-festooned hat with the name “Moses” printed on it.

“Moses & Mama!! I can’t wait to introduce y’all to my #sonshine,” Hall captioned the image at @tamronhall.


Moses’ dad is music executive Steven Greener, Hall’s husband. The pair seem to strongly value their privacy — their marriage wasn’t public knowledge until Hall posted about her pregnancy in early March. Indeed, you can barely catch a glimpse of their little nugget’s face in Hall’s pic.

More photos are likely to come, though. Hall revealed the bump with pics and video on March 4 after getting an all-clear from her doctor at the 32-week mark. Since then, she’s been making up for lost time with lots of pregnancy glamour shots.

“Bump waits on no one or any fashion,” Hall wrote of this Instagram photo, describing the troubles of coordinating formalwear with a blossoming belly (and looking stunning anyway).


On April 14, Hall shared photos from her baby shower at the Jung Lee furniture and decor showroom in Manhattan.

“Love, Laughs, and Surrounded by my friends from #philly #chicago #newyork and of course #texas,” wrote Hall, a proud Texas native.


Just days ago, she shared a cute video of herself with a request for fans to send music suggestions for her Spotify labor playlist.

“Only dance move I can do at this point,” she said of the clip.


This baby was a long time coming for Hall. In a blog for “Today” in 2014, Hall, then 43 and unmarried, discussed ways that childless women are demeaned for not having kids, even if they love little ones.

“Because you are childless doesn’t mean you haven’t tried,” she wrote in the blog post. “I want kids someday, but I don’t like it when people make the assumption that a person without a child is not a relevant part of the conversation, not an adult.”

Later, in 2016, Hall chimed in on a discussion about being 25 again by saying that she loved life at 25, but there was one thing she would have done differently.

“The only thing I would do, I would have had a child,” she said. “I know it’s young, but I would have at least started the process.”

Moses looks like he was worth the wait. Way to go, Tamron!