You Could Own Your Own Self-Sufficient Island In Scotland (Post Office Included)

Are you tired of dealing with your nagging aunts and uncles at your family’s holiday party? Are your coworkers driving you crazy? Did you think about moving to Canada this past November?

Well, instead of Canada, why not own an entire island in Scotland for a cool $2.3 million?


Located in the Summer Isles, Tanera Mor is a 192-square-mile island (or 760 acres) full of rugged cliffs, Scottish beaches, perfect spots for sailing and beautiful sunsets every night before you go to bed. The island is so secluded, the only way to reach it is by boat (or by helicopter, if you have enough money for that after buying the island). If you don’t like being that secluded, there is a nice village a couple miles away. Ullapool and Inverness are within an 80-mile radius, so you can still see people and even take a train to London from Inverness if you absolutely needed to.


The island itself is self-sufficient in every aspect of the word. Generators and wind turbines allow for 24-hour electricity, a freshwater treatment plant provides water, and there’s broadband Internet access in a couple of places. See? There’s internet in the middle of nowhere, so you can check Facebook anytime you start missing those aunts and uncles.


The previous owners wanted to protect the island by planting more than 164,000 native trees over the course of the past 15 years. Because of the low rabbit and deer population, the trees have flourished, providing oxygen for the island as well as spectacular scenery for the island’s residents.

If you’re worried about not seeing any animals on the island, just look out in the water. Dolphins and otters have been spotted swimming around the island. If that doesn’t get you excited, then you must have a cold, cold heart.

After looking at cute animals, you can stay in one of the 10 buildings located on the island. They’re all made of stone and have been recently restored to modern standards while keeping the history of the place intact. There are 27 bedrooms spread throughout all the buildings, which means a large group of your friends could stay on the island at one time. For that many people, the island has its own postal service, which started in 1970. You can even create your own private postage stamp for your letters back to the mainland.


Everything I just said is included in the price tag. But if you’re like most Americans and don’t have millions lying around, the island is divided into three lots. The north end has the post office, a cafe (#coffee) and three buildings for $850,000. If you want the largest beach and only two houses, you can take the central lot for a little over half a million dollars. The most expensive lot, at $937,000, has four houses and three small islands. One of those islands is an unnamed tidal island, so you could essentially name your own island while you’re there.


I’d name the unnamed island Heaven to remind myself of where I’m at. Read the entire listing on rightmove.

Is this purchase not quite in the budget at the moment? You can always look into visiting on your next vacation.