Target is selling rosé-flavored cupcakes with perfect pink frosting


Cupcakes aren’t just for kids anymore. Sure, they used to have the reputation as that adorable little sweet treat served at a child’s party, but these days, grown-ups are grabbing up these miniature desserts like crazy!

Maybe’s it’s because they do speak to the child inside all of us. Or, perhaps more likely, it’s because cupcakes provide a decadent treat without having to have an entire cake. You can be as creative as you want with these bite-size cakes, even loading the icing with a flavor that’s sure to please many lovers of wine.

If boozy cupcakes are what you’re in the mood for, but don’t want to go through the hassle of baking them yourself, then you should rush over to Target to pick up some new Yes Way Rosé cupcakes!


These non-alcoholic treats combine two amazing food trends: cupcakes and rosé. We’ve seen the wonderful rosé flavor blend of strawberry, peach and citrus used in everything from wine to vodka and even fruit! So, Target decided to improve the traditional, sweet vanilla cupcake and infuse it with the classic rosé flavor profile.


Inside each fluffy, vanilla cupcake is a buttercream icing filling, because what cupcake is complete without some buttercream? Finally, resting on top of the cake dome is a swirl of rosé pink frosting with some delicate sprinkles to set off the perfect decorations.

Each Yes Way Rosé cupcake pack comes with four cupcakes. We found them at for $3.99. You can pick them up on your next trip to the store or order them online for pickup at your convenience!

And, if you like your rosé cupcakes extra large, you can always grab a Yes Way Rosé Jumbo Cupcake for $2.99.


This giant rosé cupcake comes in at a whopping 6 ounces! The decorations are a little more elegant and there may just be enough for you to share with a friend if you’re feeling extra generous. It could be the perfect substitute for a nice birthday cake for two.


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