Target has cute new holiday cat houses


If you have a four-legged friend of the feline variety, odds are you experience a tipped-over Christmas tree or destroyed decoration at least once each December. But Target has a solution to help your cat friends celebrate the season without ruining any of your decor: holiday cat houses!

While themed cat houses are nothing new to Target — they had a few for Halloween as well — they’re giving us a whopping five different houses to choose from this holiday season.

The houses range in price from $12.99 – $34.99 depending on the size. While some are just one level, like the present house, others, such as the double decker theatre house, have multiple levels.


Each house has corrugated cardboard scratch pads inside, so your cat can use the house as a scratching pad (instead of your tree). You could also easily put a blanket inside or on a second level to make it an extra cozy place to nap.

Other styles include a double decker holiday tree, single-level holiday RV and a double decker holiday present tower, which is three presents stacked on top of each other, all wrapped in different festive decor.

Of course, these aren’t the only Christmas presents for cats you’ll find this year. To celebrate all December long, Fancy Feast has an Advent calendar filled with 24 cans of food. With a suggested retail price of between $19.99-$22.99, the calendar can be purchased through Chewy, PetSmart and Kroger and will eventually be on the shelves of other retailers.

Fancy Feast also released their annual limited edition ornament, with 100% of donations going to RedRover through the Purple Leash Project, whose goal is to create more pet-friendly domestic violence shelters across the nation.

Aldi also has Pure Being cat calendars, which are filled with treats, or you can find a handful of others online, including this 12-day calendar filled with cat toys from Chewy and this toy-filled calendar from Petco.

PetSmart even has a 25-day calendar filled with festive toys, including everything from a snowman to an ornament, candy cane and gingerbread man. With a new toy every day of December, that should definitely help keep the focus away from your decorations!


Happy holidays to all of your furry friends!

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