Target Employees Stand Up For Breastfeeding Mom

When mother Jessie Maher of Collinsville, Connecticut began breastfeeding at a local Target, she just thought she would be feeding her one-month-old baby — she didn’t expect to get verbally assaulted by an angry man. As she fed her child in the cafeteria, the man looked at her and said “Can’t you do that somewhere else? That’s f****** disgusting,” according to Fox61.

Maher was so appalled, she began taking a video of the outburst. He began calling her names and repeatedly told her she was disgusting. The mother began defending herself, and then some Target employees, as well as a female customer, came to her aid, chastising the man.

Maher eventually posted the video on Facebook, asking for people to identify the angry man. He hasn’t been recognized yet, but the post has been shared over 80,000 times.

Although Maher was shaken up by the incident, she thought putting up the video was the best way to spread awareness about what women go through when breastfeeding in public, which is—by the way—completely legal in every state except Idaho.