Target Now Has $5 Sangria Just In Time For Summer

In case you’re unaware, aside from clothing, home decor and their own line of cleaning products, Target also has an entire collection of $5 wine. We’re talking pinot grigio, chardonnay, moscato and more.

And now, starting May 20, Target is adding one more offering to their California Roots collection — sangria. At 11% alcohol by volume, the new sangria is crafted with premium grapes and is perfect for summer with berry and citrus flavors. And yup, it’s only $5, too.

Target offered to give me an early taste, which I obliged to, probably too enthusiastically. Listen, I love wine, but sangria? There’s literally nothing better. My maid of honor all too happily tells the tale of when in a fit of wedding stress, I put a straw right into a pitcher (in public) and drank the whole thing. But, hey, it prevented a major Bridezilla freak-out, so, worth it.

When Target sent me a sample of their sangria, I resisted chugging straight from the bottle and instead put it in the fridge, as the bottle says it is best served chilled, and with fresh fruit.

I am no wine snob and will drink just about anything, but I did smell this first, like a true fancy person. As expected, it is fruity and vibrant, like a handful of berries that have been soaking in red wine. It tastes just like it smells — mixed berries and red wine with perhaps a touch of citrus. It is slightly sweet, but not overly, but also not too dry.

Honestly, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and dry, and it goes down quite easy — maybe too easy. Three glasses in, I came to the conclusion that I am 100% stocking up on it for all my summer (and fall and winter) parties and Netflix binging sessions.


Is it the best sangria I’ve ever had? No. But the best sangria belongs to a restaurant near my house and costs $10 a glass, and this is $5 a bottle. I’m far from an expert, but have had my share of sangria (see above wedding story) and would pay at least triple that. Of course, that’s not saying it should cost more — I am pretty sure the $5 price tag makes it taste even better.

Target suggests pairing it with grilled seafood tacos and homemade guacamole for a seriously perfect summer meal.

Will you be picking up a bottle of California Roots sangria when it hits Target shelves on May 20?