Target is offering extra discounts on Graco, Chicco car seats

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Expecting a new baby or just need to update your car seat? Good news: Target is offering extra discounts on its selection of car seats.

Target will give you an additional 25 percent off select Graco car seats and an additional 20 percent off Chicco car seats from now through June 24. With both brands, the discount is applied automatically when you check out online.

You can score free shipping on your car seat if you have it sent to a Target location near you.

Here’s a sampling of some of the car seats on sale at Target right now. You can visit their website to learn more.

Graco 4Ever All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

We also spotted this Graco 4Ever All-In-One Convertible car seat for $299.99. This car seat “gives you 10 years with one car seat,” according to Graco.

It can transition from a rear-facing infant car seat to a forward-facing harness seat for children up to 65 pounds. It can also be adjusted into a high-back booster seat for kids up to 100 pounds and a backless booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds.


Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

This Chicco infant car seat is on sale for $199.99. According to the manufacturer, it’s the top rated infant car seat on the market right now.

It also has a removable newborn insert that will give your child a more comfortable ride. When your baby grows, simple remove the insert and use the car seat for children up to 30 pounds.


Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat with Safety Surround

For a child who has grown too large for an infant seat, snag this Graco highback car seat for just $79.99.


Trade-In Events Mean Savings

Looking for more ways to save on car seats? Consider a car seat trade-in event, which happens throughout the year at various retailers such as Target and Babies “R” Us.

Back in April, Target had a car seat trade-in event. If you missed that one, don’t worry, because these are recurring events that happen frequently. Here’s how they work.

You bring in your gently used car seat (kids grow so fast!) and the retailer will give you a discount (sometimes 20 percent) on your next car seat. Then, they’ll work with an organization to upcycle your old car seat. The environment wins, and you get extra savings on your next car seat—it’s a pretty great deal.

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Safety In The Car

You should know that it’s never, ever a good idea to leave your children in the car while you run into the store—even if it’s not that warm out. Children have suffered from heatstroke on days where it was 60 degrees outside.

The best acronym for remember how to keep kids safe is ACT:

  • Avoid heatstroke by never leaving a child alone in the car.
  • Create reminders so you don’t accidentally leave your child in the car.
  • Take action if you do see a child alone in a car somewhere.

It’s also important that you keep your car locked at all times when it’s parked in your driveway or in your garage. The last thing you want is a curious toddler crawling into a hot van when you’re not looking.

When in doubt, take your kids with you. Yes, it can be a hassle. Yes, it requires more hands than you have available (ever). But it’s definitely the safest option. You shouldn’t leave your kids in the car, even for the five minutes it takes to run into the bank. Period. More than 800 children have died from being left in a hot car since 1990.

Safety Tips From Pros

Another safety tip: Your child should be in a rear-facing position until they are at least 2 years old or have reached the height and weight limit of the car seat for the rear-facing position. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your child safe in his or her car seat.

You should also consider taking your child’s car seat onto the airplane when you’re flying. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other groups say this makes kids safer during emergencies (and gives parents a little peace!). Infants are also more likely to sleep in their car seat on a flight.

One mom, Rachel McNamara, suggests considering whether the straps are tight enough to protect your child during a car accident.

“After strapping your child into their car seat, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable flipping it upside down. Remember that the chest clip should be at armpit level and the straps should be tight enough to pass the pinch test,” McNamara wrote in an Instagram post that went viral.

She posted a photo of her holding her baby’s car seat upside down (with the baby in it!) and while she doesn’t necessarily recommend tipping your baby’s car seat upside down, she wanted to make a point.

“First, DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS. I’d like to clarify that I’m not advocating that parents should be flipping their kids upside down before every car ride. Just that they should feel confident that their child would be safe IF the car seat was flipped over in an accident. I think this is a great visual and shows just how important proper car seat use is,” she wrote on Facebook.

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