My kids love this Target shopping cart toy that lets them twin with me

Target shopping cart for kids
Anna Weaver | Target

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It’s pretty adorable when our kids want to copy us in our adulting activities, like shopping. Now, frequent Target visitors and their mini-mes can take their twinning down to exacting detail with matching red, store-branded shopping carts.

While you seek out your own Target treasure, your little ones can get a toy-sized Target cart to push around for $19.99. These 19.25-inch-tall toy Target carts come with mini groceries, including some items from Target’s Good & Gather and Favorite Day lines. In all, you get 12 pieces in the set.

Target Toy Shopping Cart

$20 at Target

Both my son and daughter were excited to get their own tiny Target wagon after seeing a store display of the carts while we browsed the store just prior to Christmas. My 6-year-old has used it the most, loading it up not just with fake groceries but a whole collection of small items when she’s pretending she’s taking a trip somewhere.

The cart holds her 16-inch baby doll — dubbed Cotton Candy — perfectly in the child seat, and Target’s site says up to 18-inch dolls should fit. My daughter had been hoping it would be the right height to have her 18-inch American Girl doll hold onto the handle and “push” the cart around, but it’s a bit too tall for that.

toy Target cart
Anna Weaver / Simplemost

The miniature shopping cart even has an attachment at the back that holds a mini lidded cup with a Target logo coffee sleeve. (By the time I took the photo above of my kids’ cart, the sleeve and lid to the cup were not to be found.)

Target’s toy cart isn’t the only item that allows kids to imitate their parents, you can also purchase a kids’ version of a Stanley cup! Fisher Price makes a cup that just so happens to look like a Stanley cup (even if the partnership isn’t official). Plus, it’s inexpensive at just $10.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug

$7.44 (was $10) at Walmart

You can get this pint-sized toy cup that lights up, plays songs and says cheerful phrases to match the smiley face on its side. For added fun, the top of the Laugh and Learn Wake Up and Learn Coffee Mug has a flippable lid that switches between a green matcha latte swirl and a mocha side with rattling beads.

Between the tiny Target shopping cart and the Stanley cup imitation, your child will be ready for “the real world,” pronto.

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