Target’s Latest Furniture Line Has Given Us All A Case Of Spring Fever

Target has the cure for the winter blues with its newest featured furniture designer. Oh Joy, a graphic design company founded in 2005 by Joy Cho, just launched a new furniture line with Target. And the best way to describe it is fresh and fun!

Joy Cho and the rest of her design team are known for their trendy designs. In fact, Michelle Obama herself asked the Oh Joy team to design the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll logo. Target has carried Oh Joy products for some time, including baby bedding, clothing and diaper bags. But now adults can benefit from Oh Joy’s fun patterns and styles with their latest line of grown-up furniture.

Looking to get rid of the grey doldrums of winter? Need a little splash of color in your living room? Ready for a big, bold change? Check out this furniture collection.

Small Confetti Midnight Room Screen

A room screen is not only decorative, but it’s also a great way to add some privacy to an open room. Oh Joy designed three different screens for the home, including the Confetti Midnight (shown below).

Oh Joy Target Screen
Small Confetti Midnight Screen |

Storage Bench

Want a statement piece for your room, but not ready to commit to a large furniture piece? The Oh Joy Storage Bench might be the perfect option for you. Its bright, bold colors and pattern will brighten up the room, plus there’s additional convenient storage inside to hide away items when guests come over for a visit. This bench also comes in three patterns, including the Large Confetti Multi (shown below).

Oh Joy Storage Bench
Oh Joy Storage Bench |
Oh Joy Storage Bench |

Upholstered Arm Chair

Ready to really make a statement? The Oh Joy Arm Chair, shown here in Rosewater, has clear, acrylic legs for a contemporary look. The color choices (a total of four) offer everything from muted to whimsical.

Oh Joy Arm Chair
Oh Joy Arm Chair |
Oh Joy Arm Chair |


Consider this the “go big or go home” model. Oh Joy designed this settee with both comfort and fun in mind. It would make a great centerpiece to any room. It comes in two patterns: the Large Dot Multi (seen below) and the Large Confetti Multi.

Oh Joy Settee
Oh Joy Settee |
Oh Joy Settee |

Is it just us, or are you also feeling that spring fever?