Taylor Swift Has A Dance Party With 7-Year-Old, Dylan Barnes

Taylor Swift has done it yet again. After seven-year-old Dylan Barnes appeared on The Ellen Show, Taylor caught wind of Dylan’s groovy moves and took some time for an impromptu dance party (see clip below) when she was in Kansas City for her 1989 World Tour.


She shared it on her Instagram account just a few hours ago and it already has over 1 million likes.

Swift posted this comment with the video:

“Finally got to meet Dylan, the 7-year-old who passionately danced to Shake It Off on Ellen— and this happened.”

The Backstory

When dancing and booty-shaking seven-year-old Dylan Barnes’ viral YouTube video caught Ellen’s eye, she invited him to her show.

There, he performed his version of her hit single, “Shake It Off” and Ellen surprised him with tickets to Taylor’s recent Kansas City 1989 World Tour performance.

Now the real question is: who has better moves – Dylan or Taylor?

Watch Dylan “Shake It Off” on The Ellen Show: