Taylor Swift’s dad delivered pizza to fans waiting in line to see his daughter

Taylor Swift has a lot to celebrate recently, like her new album “Lover,” performing on Aug. 26 at the MTV Video Music Awards and winning the coveted award for Video of the Year.

As the pop star continues to dominate music charts, she is effusive in her gratitude for her fans. So, not surprisingly, when Swift performed for “Good Morning America” in Central Park on the morning of Aug. 22, hoards of people gathered for the show. And Swift’s father, Scott Swift, proved how grateful he is as well by passing out free pizza to her waiting fans.

“Good Morning America” started filming live at 7a.m., and Rumsey Field in Central Park, where the outdoor concert took place, opened to the public at 6a.m. Swift superfans started lining up the night before to ensure a spot at the concert, and Swift’s 67-year-old dad surprised everybody in line by showing up with boxes of pizza to make sure fans had some food while they waited.

Gotta keep their energy up for the moment his daughter takes the stage, after all!

Swift addressed her dad’s kind deed in an interview before her concert. “As a family, it blows our minds that people would want to [wait in line],” she told “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts. “My parents are like, ‘That’s my kid. People are waiting on the sidewalk to see her sing!’ It’s really astonishing to us.”

Here’s a video from the “Good Morning America” Instagram account of the pizzas being delivered to Swift’s thrilled fans:


You can hear Swift talk about everyone’s excitement for what’s to come for her in this video from the “Good Morning America” YouTube channel:

You can also get a glimpse of her performance of “You Need to Calm Down” in this video from the “GMA” Instagram:


Watching Swift perform her new music live was definitely worth the wait — and we’re sure pizza from her dad only sweetened the deal.

This isn’t the first time the Swift family has gone above and beyond for fans, either. To kick of the singer’s “Reputation” tour in 2018, Swift opened up a rehearsal to foster and adoptive families so they could see the full concert set before anyone else.

As if that wasn’t generous enough, there was also plenty of pizza available for the families, too, according to someone who was in attendance:

Swift’s big heart is just part of what makes her so lovable to fans. And if she keeps the music coming like she has, we have a feeling her adoring Swifties are here to stay, pizza or no. (Although, pizza is always appreciated!)