This English Teacher Brings His Corgi To Work Every Day

If you’ve ever had Bring Your Dog To Work Day or worked in a dog-friendly environment, you know how much fun it can be. Who wouldn’t want to spend their coffee breaks in the company of some furry friends? Well, one English teacher in Austin, Texas brings his dog to work with him every single day, much to the delight of his high school students.

Banjo the corgi is super-cute and joins his owner Kenneth Snyder in the classroom daily, where we’re guessing he’s pretty popular. Banjo gained a national audience in March when social media manager Sophie Vershbow, a friend of Snyder’s girlfriend,  tweeted out a photo of the dynamic duo:

“My friend’s boyfriend is an AP English teacher in Austin. He brings his dog Banjo to school every day. Less teachers with guns, more teachers with corgis,” she wrote.

No matter your politics, that sounds like a sentiment a lot of people could get behind! People on Twitter agreed, and the tweet has now been been re-tweeted nearly 70,000 times.

It looks like a former student totally remembered this dog-loving teacher:

For his part, Snyder was surprised that a simple photo of Banjo and him had gone viral. He said the dog has been his constant companion at school (whose name he declined to disclose for privacy’s sake) for the past four years, and his presence seems to brighten up everyone’s days.

“As teachers, we work really long hours and it’s a tough job,” Snyder told The Daily Dot. “So for me, it’s nice to have a mental break or a mindfulness — to look at something that loves you and looks relatively happy and calm all the time. I’d have to imagine that extends to the kids.”

Snyder continued that his school began allowing dogs in the building before he worked there. Everyone works hard to make sure the pets don’t serve as a distraction from learning, and he added that none of his students have serious dog allergies.

Banjo is so adorable that he certainly is an incentive not to skip class! I surely wouldn’t have minded a friendly corgi in the classroom during my days as a student. How about you?

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