This is the sweet reason why this teacher wore the same hairstyle as her 4-year-old student

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Leigha Bishop is a teacher at Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land, Texas. Her 4-year-old student, August, wore a super-cute hairstyle to school that involved braids and a top knot. Bishop thought the look was totally chic, and told August she planned to try it out herself. Although August didn’t believe her, Bishop surprised her by showing up to school the very next day rocking the hairstyle. This photo posted by Bishop on Twitter shows that the pair looked absolutely adorable with their #twinning look:

August was totally shocked that her teacher actually copied her style.  “Her jaw dropped and she just stared at me,” Bishop told BuzzFeed. “I told her, ‘You thought I was playing? We are going to be cute together!'”

Bishop’s decision to mimic her student’s style was inspired by her overall teaching philosophy, which involves helping her students achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom. “While I am teaching them content needed to grow and move on to the next grade level,” she told BuzzFeed, “I am also teaching them to love themselves a little more for the next challenge they might face in the next stage of development.”

We can’t help loving this teacher’s gesture, especially considering how important it is for young kids of color to see themselves represented in the world around them and—at such a young age—in the classroom. Hair in particular can be an especially fraught issue for children of color, with young girls especially frequently being penalized for violating dress code violations because of the way they wear their hair.

Judging from the smile on August’s face, she certainly appreciated her teacher’s gesture! Photos of the student-teacher duo’s matching styles went viral on social media, with people praising Bishop for going the extra mile to make her students feel seen and make their days just a little bit brighter.

“We ALL need more love, and that’s what I hope everyone feels,” Bishop told POPSUGAR.

What an awesome teacher!

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