New ‘Ted Lasso’ Little People collector set has tons of details fans will love

Ted Lasso Little People collectors set

“If you care about someone, and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothing you can’t get through together.”

That’s just one of the many folksy adages you can pretend to have your little Ted Lasso figurine declare to his friends and colleagues with the new “Ted Lasso” Little People Collector set from Fisher-Price. Suitable for ages 1-101, fans of all kinds can show off the love they have in their hearts for the award-winning Apple TV+ show with this set of characters.

The set of tiny figurines includes six 2.5-inch characters: Ted Lasso, Rebecca Welton, Keeley Jones, Coach Beard, Roy Kent and Sam Obisanya. The figures all include details that are unique to their TV characters, like Ted wearing his classic navy AFC Richmond sweater over a collared shirt, khaki pants and red sneakers. Rebecca’s figurine wears an eggplant suit and holds a pink box of the biscuits that Ted brings her each morning, while Keely has her hair in her signature high ponytail and holds a cell phone. Coach Beard comes with a clipboard accessory.

Superfans will notice even subtler details, like the image of a lion and panda on Keely’s phone, which is a reference to when Keeley asked Ted and Rebecca if they’d rather be a lion or a panda. There are more of those Easter eggs hidden throughout the packaging for “Ted Lasso” fans to find.

You can purchase the Ted Lasso Little People Collector set for $30 through Mattel’s website, on Amazon or at retailers nationwide.

Little People Collector Ted Lasso Special Edition Set

$26 (was $30) at Amazon

If you want more “Ted Lasso” merchandise, you can also buy a “Ted Lasso” Party Game that puts players on Ted’s coaching staff while they each choose how to help friends and footballers.

The game features characters, events and memorable quotes from the show with cooperative gameplay that has players rolling a soccer ball die inside AFC Richmond’s stadium.

The game includes a pink biscuit box to draw tiles from and you can download a free timer app that enhances the game with themed sound effects. For ages 10 and older and two to four players, you can buy the “Ted Lasso” party game for $20 at Target and other retailers.


Meanwhile, you can find a wide variety of other Little People Collector figurines, including RuPaul, The Beatles, Run DMC and beloved TV characters from other shows like “Golden Girls” and “The Office.”

You can also purchase an Inspiring Women collection, which includes author and poet Dr. Maya Angelou, aviator Amelia Earhart, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and astronaut Sally Ride.


What show would you like to see turned into a Little People set?

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