This puppy was adopted thanks to a million strangers on Twitter

Ryan Sesselman / Twitter

This is the story of a boy, his dog and how a million strangers brought them together.

Ryan Sesselman, a 19-year-old college student in New York, went to a pet store on June 9 and immediately connected with a cute little female pup who was up for adoption. Sesselman lives with his mom, so he sent her a photo of himself holding the dog, asking how many retweets he’d need in order to bring her home.

After initially replying with a stern “NOOOOOOOO,” Sesselman’s mother eventually said he’d need “a million” retweets to adopt the pup. Challenge accepted.

As you can see above, Sesselman’s tweet with screenshots of their texts and photos of the fur baby racked up more than 1.1 million retweets!

He told Britain’s Shropshire Star that he expected to get a couple thousand retweets but not a million. Sesselman told the newspaper he hit the goal within four days and his mom agreed to let the doggy join their family.

As for his new pup’s name, Sesselman went with Milli in honor of the million people who made it happen.

On June 15, the day finally came for Sesselman and his family to go pick up its newest member. He said Milli and his mom loved each other immediately. “Thank you all so much,” he wrote on Twitter. “Truly amazing.”

Oh, and if you want to keep up with little Milli now that she’s an internet star, Sesselman set up a dedicated Instagram account for his new baby. The account already has more than 2,800 followers and features some really cute shots of Milli enjoying her new home.

Stories like Milli’s show how social media can be used to accomplish good things. Put her alongside the girl in Maryland who used Twitter to set up a service that shared expensive prom dresses with teens who couldn’t afford one — and the kid who famously got free chicken nuggets for a year after Wendy’s challenged him to get 18 million retweets.

Now, excuse me while I ask my wife how many retweets I’d need to get a 70-inch 4K TV!

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