A group of teenage boys helped an older man after he fell

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Teens often get a bad rap for being self-absorbed. All they care about are their friends and their devices, right? Think again. A group of teenage boys in Caldwell, Idaho proved how thoughtful and helpful their demographic can be when they helped an elderly man who had fallen.

The boys were driving to go play basketball when they noticed an older man with a walker struggling. When he fell, instead of ignoring him, the boys pulled over and banded together to help him get up. They even walked him all the way home to make sure he made it there safely. From across the street, Erika Tovar witnessed their act of kindness and snapped some photos of the Good Samaritans, which she later posted on Facebook.

“Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home,” Tovar wrote alongside the photos. “If any of you have elderly family check on them make sure they are okay!”

People were super-impressed with the boys’ kindness, and Tovar’s post has since gone viral. At press time, it had racked up more than 1,100 reactions, 146 comments and 846 shares.

“It touched my heart how caring these boys are,” Tovar told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I wanted my Facebook friends to see. But I didn’t think it would go viral!”

For their part, the boys — Victor Ornelas, Isaac Hernandez, Diego Ramirez, Devan Ornelas and Josh Sorg — remain humble.

“Crazy how it blew up,” Hernandez told KTVB. “We didn’t do it for the attention, we just did it out of the kindness of our hearts. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Now, the young men stop by to check up on Jose Gomez, the man they helped that day. Gomez is extremely grateful for their caring actions.

“They remind me of myself when I was younger,” he said.

Kudos to these teens for doing the right thing!


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