Teen bought 170 flowers so he could give every girl at school a Valentine

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Valentine’s Day can be tough if you’re not in a relationship, especially during those trying junior high and high school days. So one teen decided to brighten Feb. 14 for every girl at his school.

Jayme Wooley, a 15-year-old sophomore from the small town of Axtell, Texas, 14 miles northeast of Waco, enlisted some friends to help him give out a flower to each young woman that went through the school’s front doors on Valentine’s Day.

You can see Jayme handing out flowers in this video posted to Facebook by Amy Gordon, his mom.

“I’ll probably never forget that moment of just seeing their faces brighten up,” Wooley told CNN. “I don’t want anybody to feel less important than anyone else.”

The flower idea started a few days prior to Valentine’s Day when Jayme texted his mom, saying he’d given flowers out to girls on a field trip and wanted to do the same for all the girls at his school on Feb. 14.

Jayme’s mom posted a photo on Feb. 13 of all the flowers they’d picked up from Walmart to take to school. He bought 170 assorted blooms in total for the girls in sixth to 12th grades at Axtell Independent School District’s junior high/high school.

“When your 15 almost 16 year old tells you he wants to buy EVERY girl a flower at school tomorrow so they feel SPECIAL you make it happen!!! Proud to be HIS MOMMA!!!! 170 Flowers for 6th-12th Grade!!!” Gordon wrote on Facebook.

The response to Jayme’s gesture has been overwhelmingly positive, with lots of news coverage and comments on Gordon’s multiple posts about her son’s act of kindness, along with messages to Gordon on social media.

“You’re an amazing mom for raising such a great son,” one poster wrote on Gordon’s Facebook page. “I was that teen that didn’t get flowers every year and I literally cried reading this story.”

Another commenter said, “Last evening the news was terrible. Shootings, a woman left her children, on a[nd] on. Then the clip about Jayme! It was awesome to see something positive. Good job Jayme!”

The Axtell school district also named Jayme its student of the week because of his kindhearted gesture.

Kudos to Jayme for his generosity and kindness!

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