Teen gets hammer stuck in mouth on a dare

It’s not unusual for a teenage girl to make a hyperbolic statement about her favorite boy band on Twitter. See frequent tweets along the lines of “I would literally die of joy if I met Harry Styles” or “5 Seconds of Summer is the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME NO QUESTION.” It is a bit unusual, however, for a hyperbolic statement to lead to a dare, which in turn leads to a teenage girl squeezing a full-size hammer into her mouth and getting it stuck there.

That’s exactly what happened to Kaley, a 14-year-old girl from Louisiana. Kaley is a huge fan of the Korean boy band BTS, and recently felt compelled to share her love for one of the band members on Twitter with a dramatic turn of phrase. The boy bander, she declared, is “so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth.”

A friend challenged Kaley to prove she wasn’t joking. A few minutes later, Kaley was back on Twitter, but this time, she had a very different message: “how do you tell your mom that you got a hammer stuck in your mouth?” There was, of course, a photo to prove it.


Kaley had, indeed, made good on her bold claim, but in the process, the hammer became lodged in her mouth. “It was a little too big to fit in my mouth in the first place, but getting it out was even more of a problem,” Kaley told Buzzfeed.

Luckily, after about 10 minutes of maneuvering, Kaley was able to dislodge the hammer. But not before her post had gone viral on Twitter. Kaley’s mom, for her part, says she’ll be hiding the toolbox from now on.

Kaley has learned her lesson. “There are ways to channel your excitement,” she said, “and shoving a hammer in your mouth probably isn’t the best.”