This teenager greets his younger brother in a costume every day when he gets off the bus

Noah Tingle is headed off to college next year, and before he leaves home, the high school senior in Central, Louisana wants to make plenty of memories with his younger brother, Max. When school started this year, Noah began greeting 12-year-old Max every day when he arrived home on the school bus.

In order to make it extra-special, Noah dons different costumes each day. He documents his silly antics on his Facebook page, The Bus Brother. You can see him dressed as Where’s Waldo, Chewbacca and a fireman, just to name a few.

Here he is dressed as a gorilla:

The page has more than 6,000 followers. Here’s Noah as a jester as the bus pulls up:

The reasoning behind the silly charade is simple: Like most siblings, Noah can’t resist teasing his little brother. As you can see in the videos, Max tends to walk right past Noah to get into the house.

“It’s my last year of high school, and I saw he was coming off the bus when I was at home, so I just want to embarrass him,” Noah told WBRZ.

His strategy certainly worked, but it’s all in good fun. Max says he’s now used to the daily prank and finds it pretty funny as well. The bus driver, as well as the other students on the bus, look forward to seeing which costume Max will be wearing each day, too!

Now that their story has been featured in the local media and gained traction online, people have begun donating costumes so that Noah can continually step up his game. He even dressed as an LSU football player.

Noah plans to keep up his daily routine, but when the basketball season starts this fall, the high school athlete is not sure he’ll always be home when Max gets off the bus.

Even once the tradition has ended, the brothers will have funny and heartwarming memories to last a lifetime — just as Noah intended!

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