This teen is the first Black male valedictorian in his school’s 106-year history

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Ahmed Muhammad, a senior at Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, California, has a 4.73 GPA and is making history as the school’s first Black male valedictorian. He will be a part of the 106-year-old school’s graduating class on May 26.

“I’m super excited,” the accomplished 18-year-old told “Good Morning America.” “I feel blessed.”

Muhammad applied to 11 universities and was accepted at all of them. He has chosen to enroll at Stanford University, where he plans to study engineering. He will be the first member of his family to earn a college degree.

Kits Cubed

“You know it was a tough choice for sure,” he told KTVU of his decision to attend Stanford. “All of these schools I applied to, they’re all amazing schools, but I decided that the best university for me these next four years is Stanford University.”

In addition to stellar academics, Muhammad keeps busy with a number of extracurricular activities. He plays on the varsity basketball team and volunteers as a tutor through the Oakland Youth Advisory Commission. He also launched his own nonprofit organization, Kits Cubed, which donates and distributes science kits to Oakland schools.

Here’s an April post from KitsCubed’s Facebook page, which indicated that his group is teaming up with the National Society of Black Engineers for a virtual STEM event:

When he thinks about his future goals, Muhammad hopes to continue to reinvest in the community that has fostered his success.

“I hope that I can create something to bring to the community that can help lift us … can add positivity to our environment, to our city, can create jobs, can create happiness for sure and just better the outcomes of all the people in our city, of Oakland,” he told KTVU. “I hope I can leave Oakland better than how I found it. It’s already an amazing place. I just want to play my part in  contributing.”

To help pay his way through college, he has received a scholarship from the Ron Brown Scholar Program, which provides four-year $40,000 scholarships to talented, economically challenged students who demonstrate an interest in public service, community engagement, business entrepreneurship and global citizenship.

Here’s a Facebook post announcing the winners, including Muhammad.

Muhammad’s parents are extremely proud of their son.

“I’m very happy,” Rahman Muhammad, Ahmed’s father, told “Good Morning America.” “He put in a lot of work.”

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