Teen shuts down fat-Shaming troll with kindness


Prom is a special time of year that everyone should get to enjoy. No one should have to deal with someone fat-shaming via social media.

Like many high school seniors, Madison Haulter and Tre Booker posted photos of their prom ensembles online.

Haulter shared their pictures on Twitter with the caption “Prom with the loml [love of my life].” The couple looked happy, confident and seemed to be having a great time. That is until one person tried to ruin it for them by posting a comment about Haulter’s weight.

“Wow, he loves you even tho you’re fat 🙁 mbn,” someone posted on Twitter. “Mbn” is short for “must be nice.”

The teen was not about to let a social media troll ruin her evening, though.

Teen Stands Up To Fat Shaming

Not even a fat shaming comment could get these two down. Haulter had the best response to the commenter, sharing a screenshot of the comment and writing “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.”

It’s a shame that Haulter had to deal with fat-shaming in the first place, but it’s nice to see her handle it so well. She stood up for herself and (hopefully) still had an amazing evening with her boyfriend and prom date.

I mean, it’d be hard not to have fun when you’re dressed in an incredible pink sequin-covered gown!

Social Media Support Spreads Worldwide

Haulter’s boyfriend, Booker, was one of the first to share his feelings for his girl and his thoughts on the hurtful post.

He chimed in on the comment his girlfriend received, writing on Twitter, “Every one [sic] is beautiful. God made us in his image he makes no mistakes.” He also told Haulter she was “perfect.” Aww!

Many people have found Haulter’s response to fat-shaming inspirational. The kind tweets came rolling in after the teen so elegantly handled the rude one.

Haulter opened up about the experience to Teen Vogue.

“I was appalled that someone could be so rude without even knowing who I was,” Madison wrote to the publication. “I don’t know how she even found my pictures since they weren’t viral at the time.”

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Nevertheless, Haulter continues to be an inspiration for many, so in the end, she got way more than she ever could have expected from prom.

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