A television reboot of ‘The Mighty Ducks’ is in the works


Growing up in the ’90s, “The Mighty Ducks” and its subsequent sequels—”D2″ and “D3″—were all the rage amongst my peers. Now, a whole new generation is about to be introduced to the lovable underdog hockey team, because a TV series based on the movies is reportedly in development.

Sources told “The Hollywood Reporter” that ABC Signature Studios will produce the series, and that the original screenwriter, Steven Brill, will pen the script. Not many more details are known, such as whether original star Emilio Estevez will be on board for the project.

It’s also unclear whether the new series will be a reboot or a sequel. There are many different ways a revival could be played, including a focus on the young players all grown up, or an introduction of a whole new corp of ragtag hockey misfits. By the third installment of the original films, the story was largely focused on Joshua Jackson’s character, Charlie Conway, so it might be fun to see him in a coach role.

The original “The Mighty Ducks” told the story of Gordon Bombay, a hotshot attorney who is forced to coach a youth hockey team as part of a community service sentence after a drunk driving charge. Bombay himself was a star hockey player as a kid and is haunted by his loss of a winning goal in a shootout during a championship game. Despite his initial reluctance and the poor record of the team when he takes them on, Bombay is eventually able to inspire his players and instill in them a winning spirit.

Despite poor critical reception, “The Mighty Ducks” was a hit with kids and ended up pulling in more than $50 million at the box office. The movie’s popularity even led to the naming of a real NHL hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks.

We can’t wait to see what a potential reboot entails!

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