These temperature-controlled dog houses are a genius solution for people running errands with their dogs

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Leaving a dog inside a car or tied up outside a store is never an ideal situation, as it makes them vulnerable to extreme temperatures and strangers. Fortunately, a New York-based startup called DogSpot has come up with the perfect solution for pet owners who need to duck inside a grocery store or coffee shop while they’re out with their dogs: locked, insulated and climate-controlled dog houses that can be rented by the minute and are conveniently located outside of businesses where pets are not allowed.

Each DogSpot house — or “sidewalk sanctuary” — is 46.5 inches high and 30 inches wide and is equipped with AC and heat, as well as a UV light that sanitizes the house in between rentals.

Best of all, pet owners can monitor their dogs via a video feed on the DogSpot app.

The DogSpot Instagram account is, of course, chock-full of images of cute dogs, many of whom are enjoying their DogSpots or are happily greeting their humans upon their return, like this pup, whose imagined thought bubble reads, “Welcome back mom! What did you buy me”:

DogSpot houses are currently located in major cities from Portland, Oregon to New York City.

This Instagram post featuring a sweet-looking dog sitting in an Ohio DogSpot assures readers that the company is “borderline obsessed” with keeping dogs safe. “We can guarantee we’ve thought of just about ~everything~ to ensues your pet is safe and comfortable while you’re away,” the caption reads.

To rent a DogSpot, you are required to sign up on the app with your credit card and reserve a location. The cost is 30 cents per minute.

You can see a few dogs enjoying their spots in this photo posted to the DogSpot Facebook account:

Founder Chelsea Brownridge said she got the idea for DogSpot after having to leave her dog Winston at home while she ran errands because she didn’t feel comfortable tying him up outside.

“He has a ton of energy so to get him out of the house on as many walks as possible was really important,” she told Good Morning America. “I started to realize how many times he couldn’t come with me outside because I’d just be going to a store or restaurant for a few minutes.”

DogSpot houses are best-suited for dogs who are crate-trained, and the company recommends that pet owners start out slow and leave dog treats to help them become acclimated to staying inside one.

Would you rent a DogSpot for your pet?

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