Texas Fire Department Celebrates 15 Babies Born Within A Year

Waxahachie Fire-Rescue Departmet/Facebook

“Don’t drink the water” has become a bit of a running joke at the Waxahachie Fire Department in Waxahachie, Texas — and there’s a good reason for that. Within one year, this group of firefighters welcomed 15 babies with their partners, meaning one-fourth of the entire fire department crew are now new dads. Seriously, what are the odds?!

According to Allison Duwe, who is married to one of the firefighters, they definitely didn’t intend to all have babies at the same time.

“Definitely not planned,” she told CBS DFW. “It just happened.”

There are seven boys and eight girls in the mix — and even a set of twins. How cute!

To commemorate this unique situation, the firefighters posed with their little ones for a group photo. Unfortunately, two babies weren’t present at the time, so there are only 13 of the 15 babies in these cute pics that were posted to Facebook:

This experience has brought the men closer together with their families, but also with each other.

“It does play well into family life,” firefighter Jay Wilemon told CBS DFW. “We all pretty much share the same problems, concerns, joys on the home front and then we come to work and get to share that with our second family.”

They’re definitely a tight-knit group, and surely their kids will be, too. One firefighter, Marcus Brown, told CBS DFW that it’s “inevitable” that their children will be friends given they are so close in age.

Here’s another shot of the firefighting dads and their cute babies:

As the babies grow up together, their parents are floating around some funny ideas.

“[A] baby calendar with our daddies has been brought up,” Tonya Wilemon, one of the new moms, told Fox 4 News. “So that’s possibly in our future.”

If you want to watch these babies as they grow, be sure to follow along with their adventures on the Waxahachie Facebook page and stay on the lookout for the most adorable calendar to ever come from a fire department!

The summer of 2018 must have been a particularly fertile one — because a similar story came out of North Carolina when six nurses at a Winston-Salem hospital were all pregnant at the same time.

The six moms to be all work together at Wake Forest Baptist Health Center’s outpatient hematology and oncology unit. Their due dates were all within six months of each other, with the first arrival expected in July 2018 and the last in December 2018.

“What we’re most excited about is future play dates and getting pictures of all the bumps was fun,” one of the pregnant nurses, Bethany Stringer, told CBS This Morning. “But getting pictures of all the babies is going to be way more fun.”

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