Nursing Student Saves Woman From Car Crushed By Tractor-Trailer

A Texas nursing student may need to be fitted for a cape after the courage she showed in a dire emergency this week.

Lori Lowrey and her mother were driving near Highway 59 in Sugar Land, Texas, on Thursday when they saw a jaw-dropping crash. Another woman was driving to the grocery store in her Toyota when a tractor-trailer suddenly flipped over the highway barrier above and landed on top of her car, according to Houston’s KPRC-TV.

Rather than continue driving, Lowrey apparently told her mother to stop the car, and she immediately rushed to the woman trapped in the Toyota that was pinned under the big rig. In a Facebook post after the incident, Lowrey said she was somehow able to help the woman escape her crushed car.


No doubt relying on her nursing training which teaches students to stay calm even in a severe medical crisis, Lowrey assessed the situation carefully. Lowrey told Houston’s KTRK-TV that she could see the woman trapped inside her car but couldn’t pull her door open so she advised her to climb through the broken back window. “I told her to come through into the back seat, ‘It’s going to be OK, we’re here for you.'”

Although the woman was likely in a great deal of shock, she responded to Lowrey’s instructions and she followed her instructions. Miraculously, the victim was able to walk out of the crushed car on her own, with no life-threatening injuries or debilitating damage. She is already back at home recuperating after a short stay at the hospital, according to KTRK.

Lowrey credited her strength in the moment to her faith and said her adrenaline was through the roof.

Thanks to some quick thinking and bravery, Lowrey was able to help this woman in what was probably the scariest moment of her life. Maybe the city of Sugar Land needs to set up a Bat-Signal for this future nurse!