Texts prove this mom clearly has no clue what the family dog looks like


To say most dog owners know what their dog looks like is probably stating the obvious. Heck, most dog owners probably spend 90 percent of their day trying to take pictures of their dog. And that is what makes this story so funny.

Last week, 17-year-old Jeff Squires got a text from his mother asking where their family dog, Duey, was after seeing a poster of a missing dog she thought might be Duey. Jeff was kind enough to post the text thread on Twitter, and it reveals a startling truth:

Jeff’s mom, Terri, clearly has no idea what Duey the dog looks like. I mean, yes, that other dog and Duey are both, uh, dogs. And sort of white. In parts. But Duey is clearly way smaller than this other dog, not to mention has completely different face coloring.

She is also apparently not even sure how his name is spelled. It would be one thing if Duey were a new addition to the family, but Jeff told Elite Daily that they have had Duey for seven years.

Sooooo… This is awkward.

Once Jeff assured the internet that Duey was safe at home (if a little insulted), Terri’s gaffe quickly went viral. The tweet has been retweeted more than 200,000 times with almost 600,000 likes and even Guitar Center, where Jeff was when he got the text, quickly joined in on the joke.

Other Twitter users also chimed in with their “Is this Duey?” takes:







Another Twitter user pointed out that Jeff’s mom is not the only one who has trouble with dog faces:

So if we have learned a lesson here, it is that you should give your parents a picture of the family dog they can carry around in their wallet for emergencies, or they might wind up bringing home a raccoon one day.

Now, we just have to hope Jeff never gets lost…


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