Spice up dinner tonight with Thai coconut curry soup

Damn Delicious

Warm weather is returning, but that’s no reason to abandon hot, comforting meals. Heck, life is stressful right now — all the more reason to try a soul-warming Thai coconut curry soup from Damn Delicious.

Created by Damn Delicious blogger Chungah Rhee, this hearty soup is remarkably easy and quick to prepare. It’s super-customizable, too, so you can add or subtract ingredients to suit your tastes and dietary preferences. (For example, Rhee suggests  adding shrimp as a protein; I’d probably substitute shredded rotisserie chicken or chickpeas since my husband has a shellfish allergy.)

The recipe is easier to compile if you’ve already got some Asian staples in your pantry: Red curry paste, coconut milk and fish sauce are musts.


For things you don’t have on hand, I’ve had luck getting all of these at conventional grocery stores. You’ll probably find a wider selection of brands at your local Asian market, though — plus you can grab some real Thai basil while you’re at it.

Begin your homemade Thai dinner by sautéing onion and red and yellow bell pepper in a large pot; Rhee recommends using coconut oil as your fat. Once those are on their way, you get to add the aromatics: red curry paste, fresh ginger and garlic.

The kitchen should be smelling fantastic when you carefully add chicken broth, tomato sauce, brown sugar and fish sauce. (If the fish sauce is out, try using soy sauce with a zing of vinegar, or one of these other fish sauce substitutions.)

Damn Delicious

After those ingredients simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, it’s time to add rich, creamy coconut milk. Let that reduce and thicken for about 10 minutes.

Rhee adds her protein after this step, cooking the shrimp for a few minutes until it’s pink. If you’re adding a different ingredient here, you may need to give it a little more time.

Finally, the finishing touches: Remove the soup from heat, then stir in the bright flavors of cilantro, Thai basil and lime juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste and that’s it — a sweet, sour and satisfying Thai soup in your own kitchen.

Click here to see the full recipe at Damn Delicious. And enjoy!


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