These Turkey Cupcakes Are So Fun For Kids To Make And They’re Seriously Cute

Is it time to start a new Thanksgiving tradition with the young ones in the family? If so, check out these adorable “turkey” cupcakes that are easy to make and tons of fun to decorate.

Not only do these petite, festive treats taste delicious, but what better way to keep kids occupied while the grownups are preparing a Thanksgiving feast than by letting them get creative with some frosting and candy?

For this simple Thanksgiving dessert by Food, Fun and Faraway Places, just whip up some cupcakes and frosting and then everyone can get to work on the fun part: decorating! Alternatively, you could use cake mix and store-bought frosting to simplify the process even more.

Kelly Stilwell

After the baking and frosting is complete, blogger Kelly Stilwell suggests arranging Oreo cookie “eyes” and candy corn “feather tails” to create these visual masterpieces.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this project, which combines baking with arts and crafts!

Coupon Clipping Cook

For another version of this cute cupcake, check out blogger Coupon Clipping Cook’s recipe, which calls for quite an imaginative eye. These surprisingly realistic-looking desserts use Nutter Butter cookies for the head and neck, almonds for the beak, candy corn for the feathers and an Oreo for the base of the plume.

This recipe also provides excellent, in-depth instruction, including details on how to build the turkey using frosting as the glue.

Happy baking!