The Backstreet Boys promoted their new album by performing dressed as chickens

The Backstreet Boys have new music out. And if that sentence wasn’t enough to get your attention, this certainly will be: To promote their new album, “DNA,” the Backstreet Boys performed one of their classic hit songs, “Everybody” … while dressed as chickens and replacing all the lyrics with “bawk” noises.

Their band name? You guessed it — the Bawkstreet Boys.

The segment aired on an episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and you can catch a clip of the performance in this video from the show’s YouTube channel.

There are some things you can’t unsee … or get out of your head! Who else is going to be clucking along to these lyrics for the rest of the day?

Perhaps that was the goal of this promotional stunt — to make sure you’d never forget this song. Or maybe the idea was that you’d want to go listen to their actual singing voices in the Backstreet Boys’ latest a cappella number as a palate cleanser.

You can hear the Backstreet Boys sing — as humans and not chickens — in “Breathe,” which they officially released on Jan. 17:

Thankfully, the group also performed more of their new music before leaving the set of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Together, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough sang “Chances” live, and you can catch the performance in the video below:

So, did they convince you to check out their latest album? They probably could have done that even without the chicken suits!