Here Are The 7 Wonderful Benefits Of Being A Redhead

Visually striking, when I see someone with red locks, I’m instantly drawn to their magical hue. From deep burgundy to bright copper, red hair is beautiful in its own unique way. And because it’s estimated that the world’s population is only one to two percent redheaded, you might as well call them magical unicorns.

And while there are myths that redheads may someday be extinct, I don’t believe they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Jan. 13 is #KissAGingerDay — if you’re a ginger, here are seven reasons to celebrate:

1. You Age Gracefully

Redheaded peeps, rejoice. It’s been said that your locks retain your pigment longer than any other color, so you won’t have to make as many trips to the salon to get out the gray.


2. You Can Produce Your Own Vitamin D

Being pale has its advantages — according to Health, redheads can produce their own vitamin D when exposed to low levels of light — that’s pretty neat!


3. No One Will Mess With You

While many redheads are extremely nice (including you!), everyone assumes your temper is as hot as your hair.


4. You May Not Need As Much Pain Medication

The gene responsible for red hair (MC1R) also releases a hormone that is similar to endorphins (which limit the feeling of pain). This means that they need less opioid painkillers to treat ailments.

5. Your Skin Is Perfection

Because a ginger’s skin is typically fairer, you tend to burn easily. Slathering on sunscreen and wearing protective clothing in your younger years may result in less wrinkly skin as you age.


6. Ginger’s Have A Guaranteed Halloween Costume

Ginger Spice, Carrot Top, Joan Halloway (“Mad Men”), Daphne Blake (“Scooby Doo”), Lucille Ball (“I Love Lucy”), Meredith Palmer (“The Office”) — the list goes on.

Exhibit Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 'I Love Lucy'
Getty Images | David McNew

7. You May Have More Fun Between The Sheets

Red is known as provocative color, and when a redhead walks into the room, it’s a sure bet they’ll get noticed. According to studies about psychology and evolution, that gives them a competitive advantage in the romance and courting department.