The Best Car Battery

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Our Top Recommended Car Batteries

1. Best Overall

XS Power XS Series Car Battery

The XS Power XS Series Car Battery earned a score of 9.9. The XS Power XS Series Car Battery is a quick-to-start battery and good for both driving and idling. The seal is a plus to prevent spillage, and the vibration-proof properties are key. It is accommodating to most cars and offers great performance in all weather.



2. Runner-Up

Kinetik 2400-Watt 12-Vault Power Cell

The Kinetik 2400-Watt 12-Vault Power Cell earned a score of 8.8. The Kinetik 2400-Watt, 12-Vault Power Cell boasts a lightweight aspect that works for smaller vehicles. The heat and vibration resistance offer drivers two great qualities in one battery. A long lifespan is another key feature of this outstanding car battery, saving you lots of money over time.


3. Also Consider

Interstate Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery

The Interstate Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery earned a score of 8.7. The extremely durable case of the Interstate Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery keeps it safe in rough terrain and tough weather. The carry handle is a great feature to keep your skin safe from any spillage. In addition, a straight-forward layout makes it easy to use.


Our Car Battery Buying Guide

If you are religious about your car maintenance, make sure to always ask your technician to check the life of your battery when you bring it in for routine maintenance. No one wants to be stuck because of a dead car battery. You’ll need a tow, a friend nearby to get you and some extra cash for a new battery when that happens. There is nothing good to say about that experience.

But you don’t have to experience this and can prevent it by taking several, easy precautions. In addition, when you take the precautions, you can shop for the battery you want without being in a rush. This will save you time and lots of money.

Your first step to preventing that dead car battery situation is to watch your time. There is no definite amount of time that batteries last, but an average of three to five years is what technicians estimate. There are quite a few factors that contribute to battery life: weather, maintenance of the vehicle and frequency of use. It is extremely important to test your battery every year and before you head out on a road trip.  If you buy your car used, make sure the battery that is in it is the appropriate size for the vehicle.

There are also certain things you can look for that indicate neglect. Heavy-duty use can really wear on a battery that is not suited for the technological equipment in the vehicle. Low water levels can damage your battery, as well as intricate mechanical audio or video enhancements in the car. These are all ways to prevent that dead car situation that kills your finances and really isn’t good for your vehicle.

Once you have realized that you are going to need to replace your car battery, you’ll want to know how they work so you can buy the perfect one for you. As most batteries do, a car battery stores energy for your car. Inside the battery is acid that produces electricity when reacting with the lead plates. The bigger the engine, the more powerful battery you’ll need.

Modern cars demand much more out of their batteries because of all the upgraded technology within them, so sometimes even a small vehicle will require a powerful battery if it has lots of electronic features. The Kinetik KHC2400-Watt battery is great for a vehicle with high-end audio systems with a 12-vault power cell.

Your auto manual should assist in figuring out the battery your car needs. There are a few things to look for when buying the best car battery: Automotive battery electrolyte is a term that you should understand. The negative and positive lead plates turn into lead sulfate when the battery discharges. At that point, the electrolyte is depleted in sulfuric acid and become almost entirely water. During the charging process, the positive plate of lead dioxide and the negative plate of lead interact to give the electrolyte back its acidity. This acid is very dangerous so always be sure to wear protective gear when dealing with batteries.

Cranking amps tells the consumer how much the battery’s starting power is. You will need to look in your auto manual to find the CA number for your car battery. The cold-cranking amps is especially important to those operating a vehicle in frigid temperatures. It is the measure of amps deliverable in temperatures below freezing. A battery’s chemical process is significantly slowed down in temperatures below freezing to nearly half of what they are when the temps are warmer.

Maintenance-free is important and also pretty standard with today’s best car batteries. In the past, vehicle owners would have to add distilled water if the electrolyte levels were off. Automotive battery terminals or posts are supposed to be kept clean for optimum performance. When you get your car maintenance, ask the mechanic to clean those for you. There is a cleaning kit you can buy for those as well, so you can clean it on your own. Keeping these things in mind when you buy your next battery is what will save you time and money by extending the life of your battery.

For racing cars, you’ll find the power in the XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM Battery is the best. This battery is a high-output battery with an M6 Terminal Bolt. This battery is spill-proof and resistant to vibration. The absorbed glass mat is an extremely great feature since it suspends the electrolyte in fiberglass, keeping it safer from the elements. If you are looking for a replacement battery, the Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery is your best option. This replacement battery has very specific dimensions, so you must make sure the specs match up to your vehicle.

For an extended life battery, take a look at the Odyssey PC680 Battery. This battery has a 70% longer life in comparison to deep cycle batteries. The faster recharge of a full charge in 4-6 hours is an incredible feature as well. This is good for race cars as well, but always be sure to check your vehicle’s specifications in the manual to ensure a good match.

Fun Facts About Car Batteries

Car batteries are the most recycled product in the world. This is because roughly 99% of the battery and its parts can be re-purposed. Buying a recycled battery also saves a significant amount of money in comparison to buying a brand new one.

Car batteries weren’t used until the 1920s. Before the 1920s, cars didn’t use batteries because their electrical components were very limited and didn’t require batteries. The first company to put batteries in vehicles was the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1918.

Tip and Advice

  • Short trips around town will really tax your car battery because they don’t give it a long time to charge.
  • Keep your battery secure under the hood so it doesn’t vibrate and move with bumps and bends. If it is moving around, the circuits can short.
  • Cleaning the terminals will also give your battery a longer life. The terminals are easy to clean and it will extend the life of your battery.
  • The general maintenance of your vehicle is also important to your battery life. If one moving part is out of commission, it can seriously tax your battery and shorten its lifetime.
  • Idling is not good for your battery, especially if you have lots of electronics on.
  • Test your battery frequently, so you know if it needs replacing or to detect another serious issue within your vehicle.