Here Are Two Of The Internet’s Favorite Guacamole Recipes To Enjoy In Honor Of National Guacamole Day

Sept. 16 is National Guacamole Day, and the best way to celebrate is to make a bowl of everyone’s favorite use of avocados right in your own home. Because let’s be honest, it’s never OK to have to pay extra for guac.

So, pour yourself a margarita, and get to mixing some avocados, tomatoes and more together in a bowl.

In order to bring you the best guacamole recipes out there, we turned to the court of public opinion (aka the internet). With these two much-loved recipes on-hand, you’re bound have the very best guacamole possible. A key ingredient in both of these? Garlic.

Alton Brown’s Guacamole

This version from the Food Network has over 700 reviews. It uses garlic, fresh lime juice, cumin, cayenne and cilantro to bring the recipe to life.

The fresh lime juice will add the perfect amount of tang while the cayenne brings the kick. Mix all of the other ingredients in, and there’s just no way you could go wrong.

Food Network/Alton Brown

A Pinterest Favorite

Meanwhile, this recipe from the Fabulosity blog claims to be “The BEST Guacamole Recipe.” And based on the fact that it’s been liked and re-pinned on Pinterest more than 50,000 times, we would say that’s probably true.


You’ll need fewer spices on-hand for this version than for Brown’s recipe. Fabulosity’s recipe calls for fresh cilantro, garlic powder, lime juice, red onion and Roma tomato. In case you’re more of a watch and learn kind of person, here’s a video of the Fabulosity recipe in action.

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Could someone pass the chips, please?

Whether you’re interested in sharing, or just want a spoon to enjoy a single serving of guac all to yourself, you should check out these margarita recipes. They’re great for a crowd or a party of one. You decide! Because there’s no wrong way to celebrate National Guacamole Day.