The Best Way To Clean Your Outdoor Patio Cushions

It’s time you learn once and for all the best way to clean your outdoor cushions. Because while they’re built to stand the weather and be durable, pesky sunscreen, food stains and more, can still manage to be an issue.

Houzz spoke with different outdoor seating experts about how to get rid of everything from oil stains to bird poop.

First, to get off any dirt or pollen, they recommend going over the cushions with a vacuum. That way, you’ll easily give the cushions a quick dusting, as well as be able to get in those hard to reach corners and edges.


To remove oil stains from sunscreen or food:

  • Apply an absorbent, such as cornstarch, to the stain and scrape it away with a straight edge.
  • Then, using a quarter-size amount of soap for every gallon of water, dab the spot until clean.
  • Rinse the entire surface of the cushion to remove all soap and prevent water rings. Allow to air dry.


To get rid of bird droppings or other deep stains:

  • Prepare the same water to soap ratio as before and then scrub the stain gently with a bristled brush.
  • Again, rinse the entire surface and allow to air dry.

For even more tips and tricks check out the full article over at Houzz.

Photo by Wicker Paradise