The Best Way To Organize The Cabinets Under Your Kitchen Sink

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If you have too much stuff in a small space, you need to watch this video. Here, Home Organizing by shows her tips and advice on how to best organize under the kitchen sink. Her tips include:

  • Over-the-door hanging shelves and racks create extra space (she recommends to use putty under the hangers and against the doors so they don’t rattle).
  • Add stackable shelves of varying sizes with jumbo labels to easily know what’s in each.
  • Use sticky hooks and a simple binder clip to hang gloves or cleaning towels along the empty wall space.
  • You most likely have an outlet under your sink. Label what each plug is used for (disposal, dishwasher, fridge, etc) so in case you need to service something, you don’t have to guess.
  • Use a tension rod to keep paper towels in their place.

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