13 Best Ways To Craft With Mason Jars

Mason jars are not only handy for storing foods, they’re also really functional and great to decorate with (if you snazz them up a little bit). These 13 mason jar craft ideas will show you just how many different ways you can be using these genius jars around your house.

From using them to dispense soap to making them into your on-the-go coffee cup, the possibilities for mason jars are practically endless.

So, let’s find out how you can be doing more than just storing jam in these glass jars, shall we?

1. Candle Holder

Melting wax into a mason jar is not only super simple, it makes such a cute way to have your favorite scents burning all around your home. Follow this tutorial.


2. To-Go Coffee Cup

Mason jars are great vessels for your afternoon pick-me-up. Find out how to turn them into fancy cups. Follow this tutorial.

Pretty Providence

3. Terrarium

They’re also a great way to grow tiny succulents. How cute! Follow this tutorial.

Oh My! Creative

4. Wind Chime

They can even come in handy outside and make a pretty sound every time the wind blows. Follow this tutorial.

Saved By Love Creations

5. Vase

If you’re going for a rustic chic theme throughout your home, you’re going to want to display flowers in a mason jar. You just are. Follow this tutorial.


6. Lamp

Make an adorable desk lamp by placing a bulb underneath a mason jar. Follow this tutorial.

Infarrantly Creative

7. Desk Décor

A mason jar on your desk will be just as cute as it is functional, especially if you add some glitter to it. Follow this tutorial.

ka Styles

8. Bathroom Organizers

Store Q-tips, toothbrushes, makeup brushes and more decoratively around the bathroom if you’ve got a few mason jars handy. Follow this tutorial.

Happy Go Lucky Blog

9. Soap Dispenser

Use mason jars as soap dispenser in your bathroom and kitchen for a bit of a country feel. Follow this tutorial.

Love Grows Wild

10. Tissue Holder

If you’re looking for a more decorative way to store tissues (you know, other than in a box), check out how you can do just that using mason jars. Follow this tutorial.


11. Herb Garden

Grow your own little herb garden indoors using a set of mason jars. Follow this tutorial.

Contractor Chronicles

12. Spice Organizer

Organize your spices with a little chalkboard paint and some mason jars. Follow this tutorial.

Dwellings By Devore

13. Sewing Kits

Your craft room is about to get a little more functional with this adorable way to store your sewing necessities. Follow this tutorial.


If you’re not already using mason jars as décor all throughout your home, you better start on these tutorials. You’re just steps away from an adorably functional home.

[h/t: DIY For Teens]