‘Brady Bunch’ kids reunite on TODAY and reminisce about TV mom Florence Henderson (video)

This past Tuesday, the TODAY Show hosted a special reunion with four of the six “Brady Bunch” kids (who are, of course, grown adults now!). Included in the recent TV appearance was Barry Williams who played Greg, Christopher Knight who played Peter, Mike Lookinland who played Bobby and Susan Olsen, who played the adorable little blonde pig-tailed Cindy.

It’s been 48 years since the family sitcom first debuted on TV, but the cast said it felt like it was just yesterday that they were calling the late Florence Henderson “mom” on the show. Henderson, who played the “Brady Bunch” matriarch, passed away last November at the age of 82.

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“She was a mentor, a friend,” Williams said of Henderson during the reunion on TODAY. “We learned from her.”

Knight also chimed in during the reunion, saying, “Everyone she met felt better about themselves and about the world around them after having spent a moment with Florence.”

Williams also added that Henderson was someone who “loved to make people laugh.”

After the four “Brady Bunch” kids made their appearance on live TV, they stuck around for a 10-minute Facebook Live session that was hosted on the TODAY show’s Facebook page.

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The cast members continued to reminisce about the good old days and shared more funny memories from the show. They also said that despite the passing of time, people still think of them as “kids.”

“Everyone always refers to us as kids, so no matter how we mature, we’re still the kids,” said Williams, who is now 62.

Knight, who is now 59, added, “It’s as though the show keeps us young in everyone’s minds, but we’re really this old.”

When TODAY host Matt Lauer asked the group if eternal-agelessness was a good thing, Olsen didn’t hesitate when answering, “Sure!”

“The Brady Bunch” first aired back in 1969, and although the sitcom only lasted for five seasons, it’s still viewed today as one of the last of the old-style family sitcoms.

Can you believe that nearly a half a century has passed since the iconic show debuted? Take a stroll down memory lane with the cast during their reunion on the TODAY.

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