‘The Comfy’ is an oversized sweatshirt and blanket in one

We here at Simplemost are dedicated to finding you the best way to stay warm and cozy on the couch, sometimes going as far as staying on our own couches for days at a time in the name of research.

And so we present to you the latest in lazy-day apparel: meet The Comfy.

If The Comfy looks like someone went to a Big and Tall and ordered a sweatshirt that was way too big for them, well, actually, yeah, that’s pretty much what it is. Modeled after a 5XL sweater, The Comfy is designed as a one-size-fits-all sweatshirt, but it’s made with blanket material so it is perfect for Netflix bingeing, wine drinking and other non-active activities.


It’s a little roomier than a sweatshirt, so you can even curl up your knees and make sure your legs are tucked in. The Comfy also has an extra large pocket for your tablet, because the odds are very high that if you are on the couch, you have one with you.


The Comfy was pitched on the show “Shark Tank” by Phoenix-based brothers Michael and Brian Speciale, who were inspired upon seeing Brian Speciale’s child making like a sofa burrito.

“One morning last winter, I was walking through the living room and saw Brian’s seven-year-old son, Saxon, sitting on the couch in one of Brian’s old hoodies,” Michael Speciale told Heavy.com. “He looked so comfortable. I looked at Brian and said ‘Do you think they make those for adults?'”

After their appearance on “Shark Tank” — where investor Barbara Corcoran jumped on board — The Comfy has gotten quite a bit of online attention. Even George Takei has said he wants one:

Many would-be Comfy fans are asking one big question this you no doubt have had yourself: How is this different than a Snuggie?

Well, as an adult who also happens to own multiple Snuggies, I can tell you I notice at least one major difference. While Snuggies are long and perfect for keeping your toesies warm on the couch, they are very hard to walk around in. They also don’t have a back, which means that when you eventually need to get up off the couch and move around (it happens), you feel like a patient at a hospital walking around in one of those gowns that don’t cover your bum.

The makers of The Comfy said their product allows you to move around without tripping on your Snuggie and falling down. (Yes, that is a thing that happens. Don’t you judge me.) They also suggested people might bring The Comfy to sports events or movie theaters, seeing as it could pass as a big sweatshirt.

The Comfy won’t be available until April, but you can pre-order them for about $40 online in gray, pink or blue. Remember, next winter is coming!