‘The Craft’ Is Getting A Remake


It’s official. Everyone’s favorite witches are coming back to the big screen.

No, we aren’t talking about Sabrina or Samantha or even Glinda. We are talking about the hardcore, scary-as-heck witches from 1996’s “The Craft.”

The cult-classic from the ’90s is getting a 2019 reboot, with none other than Zoe Lister-Jones writing and directing the new flick.

Lister-Jones — who plays the role of Jen in CBS’s family sitcom “Life in Pieces” and Fawn in Fox’s “New Girl” — will undertake her directing debut with this update of “The Craft.” However, she has written and co-produced many critically-acclaimed shows, including indie comedies “Breaking Upwards” and “Lola Versus.”

As of yet, the cast of “The Craft” has not been announced. In the original version, the starring roles were memorably played by Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True.

Getty, George De Sota

The 1996 movie was given mixed reviews by Roger Ebert and other critics at the time, but young fans, especially girls and women, connected with the dark, powerful magic portrayed by the leading ladies.

“Somehow it still speaks to everybody’s inner teenage girl,” Robin Tunney told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “I went to a bachelorette party where everybody had to bring their guilty-pleasure movies and Natalie Portman brought ‘The Craft.’ She was too embarrassed to take it out because I was there. She was like, ‘Is this flattering or insulting?'”

Getty, Gareth Cattermole

Co-writer and director Andrew Fleming thinks that the appeal of “The Craft” might not just be the magic and the mayhem, but that it portrays high-school in a more realistic way than most Hollywood movies.

“[The script] reminded me of my high school experience because at that point, movies in high school were pink and fun and about the prom,” Fleming told EW. “My recollection of high school was that it was a lot of pressure.”

Here’s hoping the reboot retains the magic of the original. Keep your eyes peeled for cast and crew announcements.

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