The creative way moms who breastfeed are using frozen Smucker’s Uncrustables

Sometimes, the best ideas are born out of desperation and necessity. And if you are or ever have been a breastfeeding mom, you will instantly understand how a particularly clever way of using Smucker’s Uncrustables was discovered in one such moment of desperation.

The idea comes from breastfeeding mom (and lifesaver) Jayde Donovan, who posted about her “#boobhack” on Twitter. Donovan noted that if you freeze Smucker’s Uncrustables — yes, the crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that can be easily tossed into a kid’s lunchbox — and insert them into your nursing bra, they help soothe sore and tender breasts. And once they thaw out, they also make for a nice snack! Genius!

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“I just used frozen uncrustables as boob ice packs. Which actually makes perfect sense bc after they defrost in your nursing bra oh look a delicious treat,” the mom wrote on Twitter:

Other moms who feel her pain — literally — couldn’t help but react to this hilarious and relatable post. Twitter user @Mrs_Ossa called this a “life changing tip”:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @afinekimmie also suggested using frozen peas:

And fellow mom, Twitter user @jerseygolden, could hardly control her laughter when she read the original post. “I seriously had to explain my burst of laughter to my kids when I saw this,” she wrote:

It’s always great when moms feel they can be candid about the joys — and also not so joyous parts — of motherhood. After all, some of the things moms endure just aren’t talked about enough.

Similarly, it was refreshing to see photographer Angela Burzo dispel the idea that breastfeeding comes naturally, easily and pain-free.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Week in 2017, Burzo shared the sweet snap below on July 30. In the caption, she wrote: “Trying to tackle this breastfeeding life. Serious power to the women who can and to the women who have the power to walk away.”

About a week later, she also posted a photo of herself breastfeeding while simultaneously sobbing.

“This is my reality right now,” Burzo wrote on her post from Aug. 8. “This is real & as much as I want to stay strong and be the soldier I feel I can be I cannot hide the struggle that is BREASTFEEDING. Whether she is not latching on properly, whether I am not producing enough milk to keep up with her demand, whether my nipples might not be adequate, whether we confused her with having to give her a bottle after pumping . . . whatever it may be it has been an emotional & painful struggle.”

Considering the post garnered thousands of likes and comments, it was clear that many could relate.

Some celebrities have also been super open about the things they’ve learned about becoming mothers. After giving birth to her first child, for example, Chrissy Teigen posted to Twitter. She commented on the fact that “no one told her” she’d be leaving the hospital in a “diaper” just like her baby:

And the postpartum underwear isn’t much better. So, of course, Teigen had a lot to say about that, too. She posted a photo of herself in the underwear. In the caption, she noted that the comparison comedienne Ali Wong made in her Netflix special between the underwear and an Asian pear was spot-on:

Props to all the mamas out there who keep it real — and who offer tips for everyone else along the way!

Will you be giving the Smucker’s Uncrustables breastfeeding hack a try?

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