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The Cure’s 40th Anniversary Concert Film Is Coming To Theaters

Mark your calendars! Here's when tickets go on sale.

In 2018, The Cure celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band with a concert at Hyde Park in London, England. Now, a film of that two-hour set is coming to theaters on July 11. Tickets for the one-day special screening of  “The Cure—Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park” go on sale on June 6, at a dedicated site. You can also sign up to receive email updates about the film.

The concert includes 29 songs from the band’s extensive catalog. “The Cure—Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park” was filmed and directed by the band’s longtime collaborator Tim Pope, who also directed their 1986 concert film, “In Orange.”

the cure photo
Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

“I went to rehearsals in a very cramped studio just the day before the show and sat in the group’s midst as they ran through the songs. I knew as the setlist unfolded that the only way to show people the real Cure was to capture not only the grand, epic dimension of their stage show but also the close, intimate side of this band simply making music together,” Pope said in a statement. “Never had Robert [Smith] sung so well, nor has The Cure played more passionately, more tightly, more powerfully.”

The film features several songs from the band’s 1988 album, “Disintegration.” For the 30th anniversary of that record, The Cure played it in its entirety at Sydney’s Vivid LIVE festival. On May 30, the performance was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

“This really was the perfect way to celebrate 40 years of the band,” frontman Robert Smith said of the film in a statement. “It was a fabulous day none of us will ever forget.”

On March 29, 2019, The Cure was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They’re also working on a new album, which may be their last.

the cure photo
Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

“It’s epic, I can say that about it,” keyboardist Roger O’Donnell told Sirius XM of the album. “I mean, playing it and sitting there and listening back to it…everybody’s jaws were dropping.”