The final trailer for ‘Joker’ is here and it’s the stuff of nightmares

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Those seeking frightening experiences this Halloween season will need to look no further than the nearest silver screen. The trailer for “Joker,” featuring actor Joaquin Phoenix, has us unable to sleep!

The movie, based on the DC Comics character, hits U.S. theaters on Oct. 4.

“Joker” is a standalone fictional story not based on any comic book events. Instead, it’s a dark, original film that centers around the origin story of the character we know from the “Batman” franchise. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man we all know struggles with life in Gotham. He has a job as a clown during the daytime and works toward being a standup comic at night.

The world is cruel to Fleck, and he makes a bad decision that brings about the circumstances that transform him into the evil Joker.

The trailer is full of unnerving and tense moments, but they’re all psychological — there’s no violence here, even though the movie will be rated R. The character development is on point, though. Watch it at the Warner Bros. Pictures official YouTube page:

The trailer from Warner Bros. has been viewed nearly 35 million times. People are really looking forward to seeing this film!

Phoenix isn’t the only well-known actor to appear in this DC Films movies. Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and several more make up the stellar cast of “Joker.”

There are also big Hollywood names behind the film: Bradley Cooper is one of the producers, alongside director and producer Todd Phillips. The two know each other from past projects, including “The Hangover.”

Here’s an Instagram photo from the North American premiere of the film at the Toronto Film Festival this week. It was posted by Todd Phillips and then regrammed by the official account for the film at @jokermovie. (And yes, this means you can now access reviews of the movie online.)

Phillips and Cooper have a production company together called Joint Effort. They’re the team behind 2016’s “War Dogs,” and are currently developing an HBO mini-series based on the book “Black Flags: The Rise of Isis.”

The movies this fall are really preying upon the fear of scary clowns. “IT Chapter 2” is in theaters now and features the well-known Pennywise character, a clown lurking in sewers beneath the streets. Pennywise was created by author Stephen King, who definitely knows how to scare.

Check it out on the “IT” movie franchise’s Instagram page:

“Joker” and “IT Chapter 2” are distributed by Warner Bros. Perhaps the company knows scary clowns are the way to our hearts this Halloween!

Both films are expected to bring in plenty of box office dollars. In fact, “Joker” may break a few records, such as biggest October opening of all time. Meanwhile, “IT Chapter 2” has already become the second-biggest horror movie opening of all time (behind the first “IT” in 2017).

Do you plan to see these horrifying films in theaters? We’ll meet you in the popcorn line!

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