The first trailer for the new ‘Addams Family’ movie is here and we’re so excited

We have to admit that when we first heard MGM was working on an animated film version of “The Addams Family,” we were skeptical. After all, the original TV series is a classic, and the 1991 movie with Angelica Huston as Morticia and Christopher Lloyd as Fester couldn’t possibly be topped.

However, the movie studio just released the first trailer for the animated flick and, we have to admit, it looks highly entertaining.

See for yourself:

While the 1991 film had a dramatic plot that involved a con artist pretending to be a long-lost relative in order to scam the family out of their home, the animated film seems to focus mostly on hijinks and hilarity. One of the best jokes in the trailer comes when Wednesday walks into a room holding a red balloon and her mother asks her what it is.

“I’m not sure,” replies Wednesday.

“Strange,” says Morticia, “there’s usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these.”

Speaking of Wednesday, in this version, instead of a young, deadpan Christina Ricci, the character is portrayed by the sweet voice of Chloë Grace Moretz. Other famous celebrities who lend their voices to the new movie include Charlize Theron as Morticia, Oscar Isaac as Gomez and Bette Middler as Grandmama. Allison Janney also rounds out the cast as a new character named Margaux Needler who, according to Entertainment Weekly, is “consumed with a desire for absolute suburban pastel perfection.” (It sounds like her love of pastels will be a source of conflict for the notoriously dark-loving Addams family.)

Set to be released in October, the film seems like a perfect and family-friendly alternative to the scarier types of movies that typically come out around that time. So if you’re excited to see this new “Addams Family” movie as much as we are, you’ll want to mark your calendar for mid-October.