The Free Hug Couch May Be The Most Comfortable Lounging Chair Yet

Eun Kyoung Lee

Last week there was the Taco Bed. Now, this comfy sofa, dubbed the Free Hug Sofa, takes lounging to a new level.  It was created by Eun Kyoung Lee for the A’Design Awards.

She told A’Design that the Free Hug Sofa, “gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely.”

The sofa is unique because of its flexible and free arms that can wind themselves around the person sitting on it.  It creates endless possibilities for how you can use it.

Lee also created a mini version of the chair for a more intimate snuggling experience.

Combine this with a snuggie and some Netflix movies and you may not see me again for a week.


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