The Hallmark Channel Is Launching A Holiday Radio Station

Hallmark Channel

Get ready to ring in the holidays in more ways than one through the Hallmark Channel! Not only is the channel launching a “Countdown to Christmas” movie-filled event on TV to get you in the spirit of the season, but it’s also teaming up with SiriusXM to create a radio station that will pipe holiday music across the airwaves 24/7!

The holiday radio station will officially launch on Nov. 1 and will be voiced by beloved Hallmark Channel stars such as Candace Cameron Bure.

Since this isn’t just any old holiday radio station, you can expect to hear special programming such as favorite holiday picks from Hallmark Channel stars, behind-the-scenes information about holiday movies and more!

If you’re not already a SiriusXM listener, packages start at $10.99 per month for access to over 80 music channels. SiriusXM also allows people without a subscription the chance to sample content on the SiriusXM app and for free.

The Hallmark Channel Radio will play on channel 70.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, this trailer from SiriusXM’s YouTube channel should do the trick:

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People are thrilled at the thought of getting to take the Hallmark Channel with them wherever they go! Twitter user @emilylongeretta wrote, “Umm, yes please” about the chance to have Cameron Bure right inside her car:

Twitter user @Rainydays2024 tweeted “O silent night yes” upon hearing the news:

This tweet from @DanielleDanburg perfectly sums up the joyfulness of this news:

And @Charla4Mayor wrote on Twitter that, for her, the collaboration really meant the best of both worlds.

If you can hardly wait for the holiday season to roll around, you’re in luck because the Hallmark Christmas movies begin before Halloween even arrives! The most festive season for TV movies kicks off on Oct. 26 with a special preview event before the movies start rolling on Saturday, Oct. 27.

The “Countdown to Christmas” programming event will include 22 new movies — along with a few of your old favorite titles — to make sure all is merry and bright. Check out a list of movies and premiere dates here.

The holidays may still be weeks away, but the Hallmark Channel is here to make Christmas feel a little closer.

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