The internet asked this 4-year-old questions and he had all the answers

Little kids are often known for asking tons of questions. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to take a nap?

But little Caleb Clark, at the young age of 3, seemed to have all the answers the internet was looking for. And we’re not talking about easy questions like, “what is your favorite color?” This kid shared wise advice about some of life’s biggest challenges!

It all started in 2017 when Caleb’s dad, Matthew Clark, thought it would be fun to have his then-3-year-old son participate in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything). This is a format in which Reddit users can invite anyone to ask them questions about anything. Much of the time, celebrities use AMAs as a way to connect with fans. But when Clark saw that ordinary people were also doing it, he had an idea.

“I’m pretty simple, but I knew Caleb would have some fun answers,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Little did the dad know that Reddit users would flood him (and Caleb) with all sorts of thought-provoking questions. And Clark said that Caleb was up to the task.

“Since he acts like he knows it all already, I figured a few people would get a kick out of his answers,” he said.

More than 1,000 replies later, dad and son got to work sharing answers to life’s big questions, such as this:


When it comes to naps, Caleb doesn’t seem impressed, at least based on his response to this question:


And he’s got some major confidence! 


And if you thought young master Clark was smart at 3, wait until you get a load of him now! A little more than a year after his first AMA, the 4-year-old Caleb made a return appearance on Reddit to answer more questions—because he’s another year smarter, right?

He dives into a little atmospheric science for the masses:


And he may win over the internet with his dad typing his answers, but he let the world know who really has his heart.


And finally, Caleb has some adorable advice for anyone feeling sad or like things aren’t going their way:


We hope this wise little guru keeps coming back and making the world (and the internet) a better place.