This DIY Falkor Stuffed Animal Became An Internet Obsession

Who remembers the classic movie The Neverending Story? The movie was a big part of my childhood and I always dreamed of having a Falkor to call my own. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a flying, friendly dog/dragon to be your best friend?


While you may never get to ride the real thing, an Etsy shop decided to create a version that you can actually own.   The shop called GameGuardians created a 4 foot long, hand sewn and painted version of Falkor.

Unfortunately, once the internet found out about the creation, the store was overwhelmed with orders and quickly sold out. Laura Hosler, the shop owner, wrote on her Etsy page:

Wow the response to my Falkor has been overwhelming! I’ve had 1,500 people contact me wanting to buy one and, well, the waiting list would be years. I can’t answer all the messages.

However, being the creative entrepreneur she came up with a solution to the demand problem.  For $13 you can now buy the plans to make your own Falkor.

Good luck!

Click here to get the DIY plans.