‘The Jetsons’ nailed it with these 7 technology predictions

When “The Jetsons” premiered back in 1962, many of the futuristic technologies they used seemed inconceivable in reality. Fast forward to today, and it turns out a lot of the gadgets seen on “The Jetsons” are, in fact, a reality today. The Jetsons really were ahead of their time.

1. Videophones

When a character on the “The Jetsons” made a phone call, an image of the person they were talking to popped up on a television screen.

No one could have imagined that apps like Skype and FaceTime, which allow us to chat face to face over the phone, would be as commonplace as they are today.

Hanna-Barbera Productions

2. Robotic Assistance

Who could forget Rosie, the Jetsons’ stern but lovable robot maid? While you may still pine for a walking, talking robot to do your dishes, we’re not far off.

Take the Roomba, for example, a robotic vacuum that sucks up dirt without you lifting a finger.


We’re not quite to Rosie’s (depicted here in an Instagram illustration from @julianvanboresart) level, yet. But we’re getting there!


3. Drones

Forget the bus. The Jetson kids made it to school via flying personal pods.

These days, flying drones are doing everything from taking pictures to making deliveries. No drones for people — yet.

drone photo
Getty Images | Bruce Bennett

4. 3D-Printed Food

The Jetsons could whip up any cuisine they wanted with a touch of a button. In 2018, 3D printers are churning out everything from dental braces to cars and yes, food.

Whether you love chocolate, Nutella or cookie dough, there’s a machine that’ll let you “print” it on demand!

3d printer photo
Flickr | gonzafoles

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5. Smartwatches

Forget iPhones. “The Jetsons” went straight to watches that incorporated video.

Whether you have an Apple Watch or one of its competitors, you can receive calls and texts, track your fitness goals or use maps to get where you’re going, all from your watch! Talk about living in the future.

apple watch photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

6. Treadmills for Dogs

So you know Fido needs some exercise, but it’s pouring outside. What to do? Just hop on a treadmill with your dog.

Yup, that’s a real thing, but George Jetson thought of it first.

dog treadmill photo
Flickr | ShardsOfBlue

7. Jetpacks

Remember characters from “The Jetsons” flying around on their own personal jetpacks?

While that may still sound like a fantasy, startup companies such as AquaFlyer, Martin JetPack and Jet Pack International are working hard to make travel by jetpack a viable reality. Sure would beat the morning commute!

jet pack photo the jetsons
Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how “The Jetsons” creators came up with some of the then-crazy ideas for the series by watching this video from Cartoon Lagoon: